Gambling Harm Awareness 2020

We now know that 2020 has been anything but normal. It has changed the way we travel, the way we eat, the way we interact and the way we socialise. For some, it has been refreshing but for others it has been a challenge. What remains the same is that online gambling is increasing and the various modes are making it easier for people to be exposed to the risk of gambling harm.

Like previous years, the Gambling Help Services have had the opportunity to apply for small grants to plan and implement activities and strategies for Gambling Harm Awareness 2020. This year, instead of large scale community events, help services were asked to re-think the way they raise awareness and focus on developing digital initiatives for the post-COVID-19 world.

The theme for Gambling Harm Awareness 2020 was "Gambling harm can happen anywhere".

Working hard over the last few months, help services have developed a variety of resources and events such as short films, webinars, podcasts, advertising and resources of all which promote the awareness of the harm related to online gambling.

Gambling Harm Awareness 2020 was held from Monday 26 October until Sunday 29 November 2020.

Please see the list below for more information and links:


Initiative: Podcasts & SA Intensive Gambling Help (SAIGHS) website launch


  • Monday 26 October 2020: 'The growth of online gambling, use of smartphones and the impact of Covid-19 and what we know'
  • Monday 2 November 2020: 'The growth of sports betting and industry and venue changes and the impact of Covid19 and what we know'
  • Monday 9 November 2020: 'Assessment & Treatment of gaming and online gambling, the latest research updates' (this is being released in conjunction with the National Psychology Week)
  • Monday 16 November 2020: 'Harms experienced by hospitality workers, how can we monitor and help support them to promote resilience and wellbeing?'

Description: PsychMed will be conducting a series of podcasts that discuss a wide range of issues such as online gambling, sportbetting, the impact of Covid-19, treatment methods and ways to promote resilience and wellbeing. Once these podcasts have been released, self help modules will be made available to download. These modules will be available from PsychMed's new SA Intensive Gambling Help (SAIGHS) standalone website.

Who should listen:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Hospitality workers

To learn more about this and the services PsychMed provide, please visit the following links:

PsychMed Website:
Instagram: @psychmedsa

Relationships Australia - Consumer Voice Program

Initiative: 'LEIGH' Film Launch

Date: 27 November 2020, 1.00 pm

Description: Watch the online launch of the film "LEIGH" (Lived Experience in Gambling Harm). It captures the experience of living with gambling harm and the growing issue of mobile and online gambling.

Importantly, "LEIGH" exposes the inter-generational nature of sports betting and the secrecy, isolation and despair gambling harm causes.

“LEIGH” is directed by Consumer Voice Coordinator, L’hibou Hornung. The film is informed by the collective experiences of people who have overcome gambling harm. While co-creating "LEIGH", the production team connected with their own lived experiences of adversity, empathised with the film’s consumer voice stories, and deepened their engagement with the work.

Who should tune in:

  • Anyone under 25
  • High School Students
  • Filmmakers
  • Emerging artists

To learn more about this and the services Relationships Australia provide, please visit:

Relationships Australia -  PEACE Multicultural GHS & Cambodian GHS

Initiative: 'Step Up and Reach Out' Webinar


Khmer: Friday 6 November 2020, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Ethiopian and Somali: Thursday 12 November 2020, 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Cambodian: Friday 13 November 2020, 6:00pm - 7:30pm 
Dari/Hazaregi: Sunday 15 November 2020, 2.00pm - 3.00pm
English and Persian: Wednesday 18 November 2020, 9.30am - 11.30am
Nepali: Wednesday 18 November 2020, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
English: Thursday 19 November 2020, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Khmer: Friday 20 November 2020, 6.00pm - 7.00pm
English and Spanish: Saturday 21 November 2020, 1:00pm - 4:00pm 
Dari/Hazaregi: Sunday 22 November 2020, 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Description: Healthy relationships depend on factors, like physical health, mental health and financial stability. These live streamed events will by taking a holistic approach to healthy relationships and family wellbeing.

Who should attend:

  • Multicultural parents and communities
    • Cambodian
    • Latin American
    • Hispanic
    • Nepalese
    • Afghan

To learn more about this and the services Relationships Australia provide, please visit:

Relationships Australia - Multiple Locations

Initiative: 'The Unspoken Rush' - Webinar

Date: Thursday 19 November 2020, 1.00 pm

Description: An unscripted exploration of a current topic that has parents worried and their kids hooked. We get the camera rolling and meet with a group of young people from True North Theatre Company. Together, we enquire about what gambling and gaming mean for this generation of consumers, explore connections between the two topic areas, and unpack both topics from a broad and non-judgmental perspective with an opportunity for Q&A discussion.

This event is hosted by Relationships Australia South Australia professional staff:

Who should tune in:

  • Youth Carers/Support Workers
  • Younger Persons

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Initiative: 'Understanding Gaming: Through the eyes of young people' - Webinar

Date: Friday 20 November 2020, 1.00 pm

Description: Do you worry that gaming is taking over your child’s life?  Is gaming coming in the way of your relationship with your child? Learn about the benefits and risks of gaming and how to best support children who are affected by gambling. The webinar will start with a short video about the real experiences of a parent and child, followed by a panel discussion.

The panel consisted of:

  • Cameron, founder of E.M.P Pathways. Cameron is the founder of E.M.P Pathways which is a grass root mentorship service for young people who enjoy music and e-gaming.
  • Dr. Matthew Doherty, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Matthew has over 18 years experience in nursing, psychology and psychotherapy.
  • Monya Gangemi, Relationships Australia Psychotherapist. Monya has specialises in addiction, trauma-informed practice, and perinatal mental health.

Who should tune in:

  • Parents
  • Community Members

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Initiative: Gaming, Gambling – What’s the Difference? Webinar

Date: Tuesday 24 November 2020, 4.00 pm

Description: There are similarities between gaming and gambling and how they impact young minds. Learn the common factors put children at risk and how this may differ from adults. Examine ways to understand and better support young people gamers.

Webinar presenters were:

  • Dr Huu Kim Le – an Adelaide based Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist specialising in gaming disorder or video game addiction.
  • Ryan Carr is a senior counsellor at Relationships Australia South Australia. He works with both the Gambling Help Service and Family Relationship Teams.

Who should tune in:

  • All professionals that work with children and young people in a professional capacity
    • Teachers and child educators
    • School counsellors
    • Psychologists
    • Social workers

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Uniting Country SA

Initiative: Multimedia Strategy includes video, radio adverts and social media


Description: Uniting Country SA partnered with Aboriginal Family Support Services to raise awareness amongst young adults across cultures who are more familiar with online gaming and gambling, and who may engage with pop up gambling advertisements and enticements.

A 30 second pop up advertisement will focus on the theme “Gambling harm can happen anywhere”  by showing ordinary people appearing to be engaging in ordinary things but in reality, gambling using modern technology. The pop up will be run on Facebook , You Tube and local radio stations for 4 weeks

Resources such as posters will also appear in high traffic areas in order to engage members of the community. It is anticipated that communities across the Eyre & Western, Far North, Yorke and Mid North regions as well as the Riverland region will be exposed to the posters.

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Aboriginal Family Support Services

Initiative: Local radio adverts and engagement initiative

Date: Friday 20 November 4:30pm

Description: AFSS will have appearances on Umeewarra Media (local Aboriginal Radio station) during the week of the 2nd and 16th of  November. Umeewarra will promote a engagement initiative that will be held on Friday 20 November. The station will also help provide information for users regarding where to get support for gambling harm.

The engagement initiative will be held at Port Augusta front beach, this will allow AFSS to provide information and raising community awareness and access to gambling support programs. The main focus of the session will be to engage young people about their ideas on gambling and what they feel contributes to some of the problems faced within their families. The feedback received will help to develop resources like a poster which focuses on their peers and families and how gambling harm can effect.

To learn more about this and the services Aboriginal Family Support Services provide, please visit:

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