Stay on Track

Do you enjoy a bet, but sometimes lose track of your wins and losses?

Stay on track is a mobile phone application that makes it easy to set a gambling budget and stick to it.

Download for iPhone

*Please note that the Stay on track App is not available for Android devices.

How to use Stay on track

  Enter your name or nickname.

  Decide how often you want to be reminded to enter your bets. Some people bet every day and others only once a week, either way the app can prompt you to enter your wins and losses with a pop-up reminder.

  Set your betting budget. You can choose the dollar amount, but it’s a good idea to only enter a figure that you are prepared to lose.

  Decide on a tracking period for your budget. We recommend that you select the same date range that you get paid on. So if you get paid weekly, your tracking period will be a week, if you are paid fortnightly it will be two weeks etc.

  Enter your bets and the results as you go.

The MyTracker page is the heart of the app.

It has a simple graphic chart that tells you exactly how you are tracking against your budget by showing the time elapsed and the money spent. If you're on track, the screen will be BLUE. If you're doing better than expected, the screen will be GREEN and if you're on track to lose more than you budgeted for, the screen will be RED.

Next to the graphic, you will get tips and ideas related to how you are tracking.

Getting into trouble? Click through to the Advice tab for more info. Or contact the Gambling Helpline 24 hours a day via phone or online, with the touch of a button.


This is the Settings screen.

Use this screen to enter your details and set the frequency of bet entry reminders.


This is the New Betting budget screen.

To get to this screen tap the Bets tab at the bottom of the screen, then tap the + New Betting Budget button.

To enter your betting budget tap the entry field.

At the end of each tracking period, you'll be prompted to come back to this screen and set a new betting budget.

Click the arrow to go back to your list of Betting budgets.

To update a budget from your list simply tap the Edit button and then click on the budget you would like to edit, or click the red circle icon to delete it.

This is the screen you use to enter your bets.

You can get to this screen by tapping the Bets tab and then one of the Betting budgets in the list (the most recent budget is at the top of the list). Then tap the + New Bet button.

To enter a new bet simply tap on a field and enter the information required.

If you want to record the category (Horse Racing or Pokie Machine etc.) or add a note, that is optional.

This is what your bets look like when you've entered them.

The red figures show losses and the black figures show wins.

To update an individual bet simply select it from the list to access it and then select the fields you would like to edit. To delete a bet select edit when in list view then click the red circle icon to delete it.


The MyTracker screen is the heart of the app. Its simple graphics show your progress for the current period.

The Betting budget line tracks how much of your budget you've spent. If you have a win the line moves backwards and if you have a loss it moves forwards.

The Tracking period shows how far into your chosen betting period you are. If you're only a few days into your tracking period but you've already spent most of your budget, that means it's time to slow down.

The net position figure shows the net total you've won or lost since you first downloaded the app.


Is the Stay on track app compatible with my phone?

The Stay on Track app for iPhone is compatible with any device capable of running iOS 7.0 or later. This includes the iPhone 4 and above, 5th Generation iPod Touch and above, iPad 2 and above.

*Please note that the Stay on Track App is not available for Android devices.

Where can I get the Stay On track app?

The Stay on track app for iPhone is available on the Apple App Store. Click HERE to download for iPhone.

*Please note that the Stay on Track App is not available for Android devices.

Is the app free?


I have an issue with the app, or want to comment, how do I do that?

Drop us a line via the Contact Us page on the SA Problem Gambling Website.

MyTracker isn't calculating properly what should I do?

The MyTracker only displays your current betting budget and the bets within that budget. Make sure you've entered your bets into the right betting budget and tracking period. If it still isn't calculating, try closing and restarting the app.

My links aren't working what should I do?

Please make sure you tap in the middle of the button so it recognises you want to click through.

How do I remove the app from my device?

In general, to delete an app you need to go to the home screen where all your phone apps are displayed and hold down the app icon. For iPhone users a cross will appear, tap this cross to remove the app. For more information, refer to the instruction manual for your device.

My app has crashed what should I do?

Many apps can crash for a range of reasons. Often this is due to multiple apps running in the background, which can use up a lot of the device's free memory.

Please try closing and restarting the app. If the problem is still occurring try turning your device off and restarting. You can also try closing down unused apps to free up memory.


Brochure for Consumers (PDF 2.6 MB)

Brochure for Counsellors (PDF 4.1 MB)

A3 Poster (PDF 377.6 KB)

Please contact us should you wish to order hard copies of the above materials.

*We respect your privacy. Stay on track app users should be assured we do not collect, share or distribute your personal data. For more information please read our privacy statement.

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