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Prevalence Studies


Gambling Prevalence in South Australia 2018 (PDF 3.1 MB)
South Australian Department of Human Services, 2019

Fact Sheets
Gambling in SA - Fact Sheet (PDF 367.2 KB)
Internet Gambling in SA - Fact Sheet (PDF 247.9 KB)
Problem Gambling in SA - Fact Sheet (PDF 243.3 KB)


Gambling Prevalence in South Australia 2012 (PDF 3.0 MB)
South Australian Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, 2013.



Online support needs and experiences of family members affected by problem gambling,
Simone Rodda, Dan Lubman and Nicki Dowling, April 2017.
Researchers Dr Simone Rodda, Dan Lubman and Associate Professor Nicki Dowling have partnered with the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC) to explore the experiences of family members who have used services from Gambling Help Online to deal with their family member's problem gambling. The study describes the characteristics of people seeking help, the effect another's gambling has had on them, the services they used and their reasons for seeking help.


Working towards the development of recommendations to improve referral practices for patrons from gaming venues to gambling help services in South Australia (PDF 1.6 MB),
Riley, Orlowski, Smith, Battersby & Baigent, November 2016.
In June 2015, the Gambling Advisory Committee (GAC) commissioned research to identify strategies and develop recommendations to improve referral pathways from gaming venues to gambling help services for people affected by problem gambling. Flinders University Centre for Gambling Research was selected to undertake the research through a selective tender process.  The research took place between May and September 2016 and the final report was released in November 2016.

Online and on-demand support for people affected by problem gambling: The potential for e-mental health interventions,
Simone Rodda, Dan Lubman and Nicki Dowling, August 2016.

Is it gambling or a game?: Simulated gambling games,
Marissa Dickins and Anna Thomas, April 2016.
People who play simulated gambling games are more likely to gamble commercially and report gambling problems.

Journeys through gambling: Pathways to informal recovery,
Sophie Vasiliadis and Anna Thomas, January 2016.


Online counselling for problem gambling,
Simone Rodda, Dan Lubman and Nicki Dowling, August 2015.
Reports on the characteristics of online counselling clients and describes their preferences for online services over similar free options. 


A qualitative investigation of the experiences, attitudes and beliefs about gambling in the Chinese and Tamil communities in Victoria,
Susan Feldman, Harriet Radermacher, Christopher Anderson and Marissa Dickins, April 2014.


Fair Game: Producing Gambling Research,
Cassidy, Loussouarn & Pisac, 2013.
A new report from Goldsmiths University of London highlights many important issues in gambling research including the limitations of the concepts 'responsible gambling' and 'problem gambling'. This research is based on interviews with 109 stakeholders in the gambling research sector about the production and consumption of gambling research.

Stigma and Help-Seeking for Gambling Problems (PDF 1.4 MB),
Australian National University, November 2013.

Cognitive Versus Exposure Therapy for Problem Gambling: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial (PDF 713.8 KB),
Flinders University and the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, July 2013.

From Adolescent to Adult Gambling: An Analysis of Longitudinal Gambling Patterns in South Australia (PDF 250.9 KB),
Delfabbro King & Griffiths, April 2013.

The continuing relevance of gambling helplines and Enhancing telephone and online services
Turning Point Symposium, 2013.

Gambling and Co-Morbid Disorders (PDF 107KB),
Centre for Gambling Education and Research, Southern Cross University, February 2013.

Rethinking Problem Gambling in the South Australian Criminal Justice System (PDF 394.3 KB),
A critical review of the literature on problem gambling and therapeutic justice, January 2013.


Treatment outcomes and predictors of drop out for problem gamblers in South Australia (PDF 72.4 KB),
A cohort study, David Smith, Peter Harvey, Malcolm Battersby, Rene Pols, Jane Oakes and Michael Baigent, 2010.

Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Gambling (PDF 207KB),
Overview including Key Points, June 2010.


Identifying Problem Gambling in Gambling Venues (PDF 1.37MB),
University of Adelaide, November 2007.

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