Gambler Stories

Ann's story

24 Jan 2018

Out of control gambling sent Ann Lawrence's life into chaos, undermining her mental health. She writes about her journey from problem gambler to a senior member of a team supporting people hooked on the pokies.My relationship with poker machines started...(Read More)

Dilee's story

04 Aug 2016

I first began playing the pokies at an unhealthy level in 2006. It happened following the breakdown of my marriage, the sudden loss of my father, having a mother with dementia becoming more dependent, a son suffering with depression, and...(Read More)

Bianca's Story

18 Jul 2016

At 16 I was going to pubs, I did not enjoy drinking alcohol, I wanted to have fun so I started playing the pokies. All the bright lights, the excitement of winning, I knew instantly that I loved them viewing...(Read More)

Anna's Story

18 Jul 2016

I migrated to Australia with my family in 1954. Life had been tough.... war, floods and a very aggressive father; there was hope for a better life. We had been here for about 18 months when I met the love...(Read More)

Anonymous Story

10 Feb 2014

I needed to escape a series of pressures I was under. These were financial, mental, emotional and a general feeling of being unsafe. I had been kicked out of where I was living and needed an escape to where I...(Read More)

Bob's Story

06 Nov 2013

Like many compulsive gamblers my first bet was a big winner. When I was 15, I was asked by one of my friends if I would like to go to the Port Pirie Races with him. I told him...(Read More)

Anonymous Story

05 Nov 2013

I have been a punter on the horses for about 27 years. It's been a habit that became interwoven into my daily/weekly routines: looking at the form guide, going to the TAB, going to the races, talking about horses and...(Read More)

Angie's Story

05 Nov 2013

I had it all, wonderful husband, son, family, friends, home and career. Then, eighteen years later I unfortunately found myself divorced and starting again. Being the eternal optimistic I focused on my future and four years later met and married...(Read More)

Alan's Story

05 Nov 2013

When I stopped drinking in 1992, after years of alcohol abuse, I almost immediately began gambling. It very quickly became a problem which I could not control. I wanted to stop, tried to stop, but couldn't. For...(Read More)

Will's Story

05 Nov 2013

I was asked to write a piece describing my experiences and troubles that I have encountered with my gambling with the poker machines. I hope it helps those who may find themselves in a similar situation. I...(Read More)

Elaine's Story

05 Nov 2013

I am a 24-year-old female, from Western Australia. I came to live in Adelaide with my fiancé in 1999. In Western Australia, there are no gambling venues apart from the Burswood Casino. The Casino in Perth does not contain the...(Read More)

Ricardo's Story

05 Nov 2013

I'm in my thirties, married with two young children. I started gambling over ten years ago and have been losing more and more money as the years have gone by. The only gambling I have been involved...(Read More)

Glen's Story

05 Nov 2013

I believe the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service has saved my life.My gambling story started in 1982. I went to the Casino and won big. What a rush. At the time I was in the airforce...(Read More)

Gail's Story

04 Nov 2013

I started gambling on poker machines in 1995 when my youngest child started kindergarten and I found I had time on my hands. At that time I was gambling on social occasions, mostly with family members. Sometimes I would win...(Read More)

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