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Alan's Story

When I stopped drinking in 1992, after years of alcohol abuse, I almost immediately began gambling.
It very quickly became a problem which I could not control. I wanted to stop, tried to stop, but couldn't. For over 8 years I regularly attended counselling. I'd stop gambling for a while, but always went back to it, and each time I did I was worse than before.

By 2004, my marriage was in ruins, I had severe depression, was highly suicidal, and my gambling was at its' worst. I found out about the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service at Flinders Medical Centre and began treatment.  It was the start of getting my life back.

As soon as I began the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service program I felt that it would work for me.  The treatment I received helped with removing the urge to gamble but it also placed importance on replacing the gambling with other enjoyable activities. There is on-going support for those who need it, and in my own case, I was provided with treatment for the issues which lay behind my gambling and my earlier alcohol abuse.

I haven't gambled for 4 years so I am proof that help is out there and it works.

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